The Roles Of Men

The Roles Of Men

The Roles Of Men

The Roles Of Men :  I saw a poster of a female doctor.  She had a listing of all the various illnesses that she deals with, and they just kept on going on and on. She is such a hero. She lives and breathes mentoring people who need a good mentor. People need to see that the world doesn’t need to have heroes that come along and save them. But those who are able to do that are really special and should be rewarded for that by society.

Men can be a hero too, but they need to be taught what those heroes need to do to be successful. It’s not enough for a man to want to be a hero, he also needs to know what exactly that means.

What does that really mean?

How does a man become a hero? What are the characteristics that make a hero? Is he a good example for everyone?

These are the questions that we should be asking and not just the ones that we hear from our media.

When looking at this from a sociological standpoint, we are probably more familiar with the meaning of hero. What is heroism? defined as ‘ acts of bravery that are undertaken to save or protect others from danger or the shame of weakness’.

Now that we have covered what it means to be a hero; what does it mean to be a role model? This is probably the most difficult thing for young men and women. We want them to emulate us, and we expect them to do the right thing without realizing that we are doing it from a psychological perspective.

A hero is seen as a positive role model for young people. They model that heroism is fun and that it gets results. A hero gains attention, people listen to what he says and watch his actions. He is a people person, and the more one learns of him, the more he learns of humanity.

Ares is a Greek hero; he was a warlike god; he was not a economist, though he shared some economic beliefs. What he was was a hero to women. Women at the time saw war as something that they could easily relate to, and that was really the key to women’s enthusiasm for war.

The most famous Greek hero is probably Alexander the Great. He is the hero of Macedonia. He is also the hero of the Trojan War. The most famous account of his battle with the Trojan Warlord comes from this war. After fourteen days of waiting for the result of the battle, Alexander returned to casual Trojan Castle Corinth with the warlord and asked his wife to announce the results of the battle. As the war was not yet won, she could not tell him openly how Alexander had fared. But she did tell him that he had won victory and that the enemy General Thoughtaos had been defeated. The most famous account of this battle is in the book called the Iliad.

Having lasted for fourteen days and fourteen nights, the casualties of this battle were at least twenty thousand men. It is quite possible that Aphrodite was sacrificed to Athena thus bringing her to the side of the Argives.

However this was not the end of the Trojan War. It continued for another three years until Trojan War was won by the Greeks.

My favourite ancient historian and Guide to Mythology,Plutarch, mentions that Achilles is the hero of this war. He explains that Achilles followed the way of the Seti I barbarians who were a dark and evil race of people. He eventually learned the art of combat from a blind philosopher and was able to become a great warrior. Plutarch also tells us that Achilles was born to a mother who was the outcast because he was ugly and had no beard.

Ares as you can already guess is a God that is both male and female. He is the son of Zeus and Maunez. The The most famous account of Ares is in the Trojan War. Ares was a very old and hated being a God. However he agreed to become a sacrifice for the Greek God Apollo. The Romans renamed him Satan or Satan of the ends. What you can conclude from that is that Ares was a very evil character. However in the Trojan War he was not as evil as in the story. The reason why is because he still kept his distance from the war.

Also cards with the character Ares can be found on the internet. The UK has a nice Cards Against Humanity set which contains 50 different cards and a map of cruise missiles. If you wanted to get the Ares card the easiest way is to search the internet.