The Art of the Tantra (BEST) 2023


The word Tantra is derived from the Sanskrit language and originates from the Ancient Hindu culture of India. It is unknown just how ancient this culture is, as the religion they live is believed to be that of reincarnation and that the strings of reincarnation are stretched out into strings so that at the end of life in this string of reincarnation, you are left feeling accomplished like you were Nobody.

The religion of reincarnation is called Taoism, which also originates from ancient India. Taoism offers a theory of rebirth and the belief that bodily rebirth is independent of ideas of voluntary choice and free will. The Y Rashodka article talks about how Western medicalancy neglects the perineum’s vital role in treating sexual problems.

As per the Tantric creeds, the perineum is also to be treated as the center for the enhancement of sexual power. This refers to the sexual center located in the reproductive system of a man.

This area is videotaped and can be viewed at the website below. It must be noted that the video content is supposed to help explain how the male reproduction system functions, but could be considered instructional.

The videos can be viewed alongside the text articles, which explain the process of creating more potent semen.

The readers are instructed to exercise and culture the PC muscle over three to five days. The exercise involves contracting and relaxing the muscle over 100 times per day. Relaxation is important, as the male member will not attain the desired degree of hardness by exercising too often. As well, the PC muscle needs to be trained to avoid incidences of premature ejaculation.

As with any exercise program, care should be taken to follow the course of this program. The first few days will be focused on building resistance to the PC muscle. After this, a more frequented schedule will be introduced. Though training should be a part of this therapy, performance anxiety and lousy technique will impede progress.

The next stage will be using the penis in different tests. These tests will involve the flaccid penis, as well as the semi-erect and erect penis. To get the best results, the manual application of the penis on different objects is advised. Depending on the strokes and pace, the massaging of the penis tips, as well as the tension applied to the whole penis will be applied during the therapy.

The third stage will require the manual application of the penis on different humanulatory organs. In the course of this, the PC muscle should be conditioned at least three times. These exercises will teach the pelvic floor muscles to obtain better strength.

The next stage will be the application of the penis on the genitals of both sexes. In both cases, the strokes should be slow and gentle. Special care should be taken to ensure the equipment is neither strained nor hurt.

The fourth stage will be the lubrication of the penis. A very slippery lubricant may be used.

This treatment will need to be continued for some weeks. A feeling of softness and reactivity is usually appreciated by the patient.

Since the treatment is an effective and safe method of achieving results, many candidates find it difficult to resist the temptation of going for a quick fix. They often look for a fast solution, forgetting that the results achieved are permanent.