Login Instruction

Login Instruction

A. If you are new to MAHPERD, go to the bottom of the “LOG IN” page, select Click to learn how to join/register! and follow the directions on how to join. Anyone enrolling in a MAHPERD event is required to be a registered member of the association in order to register online.

B. If you are a MAHPERD Member or attended a MAHPERD activity recently, chances are you’re already in our system! All you need to do is activate your record. Here’s how you do it.

  1. If you need your name & password, select the “Forget Your PASSWORD?” option at the login screen and enter your email address. Your Username & Password will be emailed to that address. You will be immediately notified if your email address is not in the membership database.
  2. If you are notified that your email address is not in the membership directory, try the following techniques to log in:

Type in your Username, which is your FirstnameLastname (no spaces, no punctuation). Examples:

    • If your name is Johnny B Good you would enter JohnnyGood.
    • If your name is B. John Good, you would enter BGood.
    • If your name is B. John Good-Guy, you would enter BGuy.
    • If you have a problem, try both your “formal” name (such as Michael) and your short name (such as Mike).
    • Note: If you have been a member under another last name (such as before a marriage), you may have a record under that last name and will want to try that.

Your password is your 5-digit HomeZipCode (unless you entered another). International members use MAHPERD.

C. If successful in entering your Login, you will be sent to the “MEMBER PORTAL” page with a personal greeting to you at the top.

D. To change your password and personal contact information:

  • Click on the “MEMBER PORTAL” (last item on the menu to the left); On the menu bar across the top, go to MY INFO > My Profile > Edit Profile
  • You will be prompted to change your password. You can change your Username and password at any time.
  • Scroll down through all of the fields. Make any corrections and fill in missing data.
  • Be sure to complete the following fields. This information will become the basis for member searches and email correspondence.
    • All County information
    • AAHPERD Member
    • JRFH/HFH Coordinator
    • Employment type
    • Primary Interests
    • Involvement Interests
    • Scroll to the end and click on Submit Registration—and you’re done!

If you believe you should be in our system, but can’t get in by following these directions, don’t register again or you will create another record!

Just click here to send us an email, including your name, phone number, and email address. We’ll get back to you with your Username/Password.