How to Give Her the Most Intense Orgasm


It’s a simple formula, that’s all. First, you need to give her an intense desire to have sex. If she got an intense desire, it would be easy to give her an orgasm.

Now, the formula above is bootiful.


To stand a chance to be a fantastic lover, you must stand in front of her and invest in her experience. It doesn’t matter whether she likes it or not – if you are supporting her in the experience, she will be having a Meltdown in love.

Get her talking, and ask her how was your first time. Now, we are not there to judge but to support her. So, you ask her questions like this: “How was your first time in bed?” and “how is it every time?” This is a guaranteed angle to penetrate her again.

2nd Technique.

Go in with her, naked, and have her guide your penis to her vagina. This is called learning by heart.

3rd Technique.

Unfold her and slowly invest in her sexual fantasy. This is emotional for her, and it’s also safe. You can use her feedback and decide what you are going to do next.

4th Technique.

Now, flip the whole scene around. Start with her mouth and head south. If she wants you to stop, let her know that you don’t want to stop. Certainly, it is a lot more fun if you take it slow and she appreciates it.

5th Technique.

Even though you are naked and investing in her sexual fantasy, you can give her a climax without touch. This is called the “spasm by terminal orgasm” approach. Once you get the motion of the hand, you will know what I am talking about.

6th Technique.

The next time you are all heated up, move the hand in and out of the groove, but don’t press any of the keys too hard. That will certainly drive her nuts. If her body is loose and she can revolve, you can add the key of faster, stronger, motions, all the way up to the “ejaculate by key” technique.

7th Technique.

As you’re approaching the “point of no return,” stop all motion and don’t let go. If you do it enough, she will have a “double orgasm” – the clitoral and g-spot orgasms.

It is the closest thing to actual sex when these two spots are together.

The best way to do it is not to go all the way down and in but blends it in with some good foreplay on her clitoris. If you do it right, she can have these two together.

The motion that will give her the most intense orgasm is to keep the head still, and then as she starts to moan and groan, deliver a long and intense penetrative stroke as you tend and lightly touch her clitoris with the end of your penis.

You can increase the intensity of her orgasm by stroking her thighs, and her inner thighs. This will tease her system and give the stimuli that can prepare her for the main event.

Use these seven techniques to give her some of the most mind-boggling orgasms she can imagine. It is not going to take you very long to give her the most intense experience of her life if you will use these tips.